S02E18: You Know What They Say, Your Last Words Should Be Really Good

Espanita faces off against the cult leader Larry in an epic battle! Who knows what’ll happen! We have hidden some clues in this weeks title and image, see if you can find them! [Editing goblin note: Due to completely avoidable circumstances there is some audio missing from this episode. In the missing part our heroes are actually competent, and enter the cavern like they should have two episodes ago, to find and steal/destroy the mystical dragon eggs.]

S02E12: I Thought This Would Go Different

Our heroes make it back to camp, and now tact and diplomacy are required… but do the Serious Squad actually possess those skills?? Regardless, there is little time to rest as a challenge is issued! The challenge is met, and someone is embarrassed. Shame. Meanwhile Nam is casting an eye about for an apprentice to ‘take under his wing’. If you know what we mean!

S02E10: D4 of Death

In which the ongoing saga of Danny’s employment is discussed, and the Serious Squad returns with their hostages. Naps are had and an interrogation is conducted. A fight rages in the smoke of a burning church, can the sweet butt guys save the townsfolk in time?