S04E09: I Regret my Decision

Our heroes enjoy some downtime – more or less. Pooping rolls are failed. Our heroes are given the opportunity to name their squad: The lampshades | Cactusmen | The acockaplease | Cool guys 11 | Radical cactusmen 20 | The shiny lightbulbs | Squad lampshades | Bunting crew | ETA cravers

S04E08: Fuck Listeners

We enjoy some important new minutes: Game of Thrones spoiler minute (lol), belly button minutePerdicles is stuck inside a mantrap… will the guys save him? Or accidentally shoot him in the head? Alternate titles: Good things come to those who are noble

S04E07: Red for Go

Volst’s legs are trapped in the maw, while the vine that has gorged on the unwary guardsman is on the move. Meanwhile, has Perdicles finally pushed everyone too far? We muse on Sandwiches wife’s name: Pretty sure it’s Persephone. Alternate titles: Bigoted sergeant leads heroic troops | Worm time | The Emperor favours the nobleman | I’m sure it’s three or more syllables