S02E18: You Know What They Say, Your Last Words Should Be Really Good

Espanita faces off against the cult leader Larry in an epic battle! Who knows what’ll happen! We have hidden some clues in this weeks title and image, see if you can find them!
[Editing goblin note: Due to completely avoidable circumstances there is some audio missing from this episode. In the missing part our heroes are actually competent, and enter the cavern like they should have two episodes ago, to find and steal/destroy the mystical dragon eggs.]

S02E17: Can I Take Back My Decision

Join our Sweet Butt Guys as they discuss the important topics of the day.
Then in actual Sweet roleplaying, our heroes have levelled up and have some sweet new powers, giving them the confidence to attempt a bold assassination attempt! You actually can’t imagine how fantastically terribly it goes.

S02E16: Just How You Like It, Probably

Our heroes arrive at the camp and come up with a plan to progress as quickly and efficiently as possible. Spoiler: They’re going to be here for a while!
After some clever roster swapping, they interview a prisoner and find out more about the Cult they have been following.

S02E15: Enhanced Interrogation Tactics

Haha, okay, okay, give me a second. This is the one where Chris does something AMAZING. Just too good. Instant regret. And in the next episode we manage to bring it up so much that, although he gives it a really admirable shot, he just can’t cut it all out haha. We will never forget Chris. NEVER.
<3, everyone, everywhere

S02E13: Magic in the Field, Magic in the Bedroom

Nam’s quest to find a live-in student/ companion 😉 continues, and Mist and Espanita make the most of their free time. This involves a lot of whiskey sours.
Spring Fresh redeems himself, sort of, our heroes do some shopping, and the next stage of the adventure begins with a extremely gibbous event!

S02E12: I Thought This Would Go Different

Our heroes make it back to camp, and now tact and diplomacy are required… but do the Serious Squad actually possess those skills??
Regardless, there is little time to rest as a challenge is issued! The challenge is met, and someone is embarrassed. Shame. Meanwhile Nam is casting an eye about for an apprentice to ‘take under his wing’. If you know what we mean!

S02E09: I Do Find the Beard Very Attractive

In which the Sweet Butt Guys discuss literary criticism and come up with great new names for David’s beer. The hostage enters the mill shortly before our heroes, to his detriment. An exciting battle follows, as an ambush is thwarted, a fight rages, and a tactical defence is planned!