S02E04: I Immediately Flip Out

The cliffhanger from last week is resolved! Lucky you! A withered warlock joins us after eating dinner with his warlock family. Our heroes grumble as they complete repairs for the Castellan. Social media plans are discussed. Fixing a door turns out to be harder than it looks, as the Serious Squad is attacked again!!

S02E03: Why Do You Guys Make It So Hard for Me

In which Danny chooses his family over us. Names are discussed and the best method of measurement is invented. Our heroes meet the Governor and discuss their demands in return for the defence of Frenum. A vicious and not at all silly battle ensues as maurauders breach the keep!

S02E01: A Spear in the Belly Is Worth Two in the Hand


We bid the world of the Papa Roaches farewell, as the Sweet Butt Guys tackle Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, blasting your face with excitement! Describing their characters! Talking to each other! Looking up rules! We also meet our new narrator, Thaddeus U. Betcha, enter the town of Frenum, besieged by cultists and a dragon, do battle, and Yanis arrives late.