S03E15: Etymology

The adventure continues as the guys split up and explore the office complex to meet the Gaiuses. Nail biting elevator riding! Mind bending office floor navigation! Gut wrenching location descriptions! I don’t know if I’m selling this, but trust me, it’s good. Splitting up is always good. Then someone has an accident in an elevator, various vehicles are hijacked, another follower is forgotten (sorry again Gary), and yet another is gained, again – welcome.. Read More

S03E14: Precinct Six Twenty Six

The Sweet Butt Guys spend 20 minutes getting directions. A new record, good job everyone! But they finally make it to the Brothel and Commercial district, where they spend another… little bit… trying to Find Gaius Anderson. Or was it Gaius Antishin? Who cares, am I right? Meanwhile the team picks up yet another follower, more or less, while others are forgotten. Sorry Davey.