S03E10: Punching Him a Little Bit

After a combat heavy episode, we launch into a banter heavy episode! It’s been a while since we last played so after Dave bites off more tofu burger than he can chew, we dredge up some past regrets (more specifically, Chris’ regrets), and try remember who’s dead, who’s on fire and who’s frenzied, we finally jump back into the action! Will our heroes escape the burning inferno to smell once.. Read More

S03E09: DM Dad and the Spiders of Joy

Wherein DM Dad lays down the law and Danny almost starves to death. After that, we play a roleplaying game and the butt guys continue their epic factory battle after last episodes psychic onslaught, shots are fired, people and things are catch fire, and we discover why Frenzon is one hell of a drug.

S03E08: Space Kitchen

Finally, what you’re all waiting for, kitchen minute! After that our team sets up their ambush in the abandoned manufactorum, ready to implement their usual strategy of failed deception rolls, slamming back a pile of drugs and causing some serious psychic phenomena. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

S03E07: Mad Max

Welcome to the team Max! I bet you never dreamed you’d end up working for these space assholes, but here you are, making the most of it, climbing that corporate ladder, living the dream! I’m sure all our viewers will join me in wishing you all the best and wishing that the guys don’t send you to find mines and traps and wishing that the guys don’t slip you stim and frenzon.. Read More