S04E20: Dead Weight

We discuss the release of Pokemon Go, the craze that is sweeping the nation right now. Then, our heroes face the creature from the depths of the tower. Will they finally escape? Or will they finally turn upon each other? I know what we’re rooting for! Alternate titles: Allrighty | I put my hand up | Are we playing a dumb game? | We’re not going to murder Volst |.. Read More

S04E19: Pants

Even by SBG standards, we get banter heavy. Diesel minute. Larp minute. Everyone wonders where their jackets went. And another rope is made… it goes as ropes tend to go. Alternate titles: It’s not gay if you rolled for it | Everyone have their pants on?

S04E17: Set to Semi

A burning hallway, viscious transparent flying fish on fire from the inside, and team of pals. An arm is torn off in a fiery blaze, flame and blood drifting in the low grav. Alternate titles: Everyone is sad that the healer is dead | The rise of Super Wine

S04E15: Well That Went Badly

John Travolta minute is edited out, and nothing of value is lost. Killing perdy goes… badly. We meet a murderous young gent, George O’Dowd, who now joins the guys center stage. A traitor is revealed to be among the squad. An oily gloom is faced.

S04E13: Real Men Do It in Their Pants

SBG Pokémon edition. The mystery of the poop on the pants is investigated, and elaborated on at length. Can our guardsmen escape, or will they be walled in with the horror? Friction among the squad increases. Alternate titles: Close the door, you’re letting all the warp energy out

S04E11: Orkward

SBG catches up on current events… four years ago. And then straight into psychic phenomena! Alternate titles: Thaddeus team Jason | Thaddeus same flag | Left in an ork-ward position | Strenuous Simon