S03E01: Inquisitor Eisencop

Straight into a new season of SBG – Space Cops! With heroes playing a rag-tag band of Inquisitorial Space Co… ps. Our saucy yet serious DM kicks things off with some tough role-playing decisions, mainly involving cookies, we get to meet the mysterious Inquisitor Eisenco… p. Does the gang make a good first impression? Obviously not – but tune in to find out just how bad!

S02E01: A Spear in the Belly Is Worth Two in the Hand

A NEW ADVENTURE! We bid the world of the Papa Roaches farewell, as the Sweet Butt Guys tackle Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, blasting your face with excitement! Describing their characters! Talking to each other! Looking up rules! We also meet our new narrator, Thaddeus U. Betcha, enter the town of Frenum, besieged by cultists and a dragon, do battle, and Yanis arrives late.