S04E00: The Dead Weight Supplement

Kia ora koutou! It hasn’t even been four years, and we’re already back! Be enthralled, shocked and amazed as our “heroes” fight their way through the black tower in the custom campaign DEAD WEIGHT, in the world of Warhammer 40,000’s ‘Only War’. Coming at your earholes every Wednesday, starting next week! Part of the intervening years were spent on a flash lil supplement, for other DM’s to also be able.. Read More

S03E21: Sally with a Sword

No more messing around – except for a quick but always important argument minute, and the equally important blowing my nose minute – but then we’re straight back into the showdown with the demonhost!! And then someone starts drinking demon blood. Nice one.

S03E19: Mean Drifty

Zeta does some sweet drifties in the trusty Isuzu Elf 40k to try get in touch with Eisencop while the rest of the team follow the blood trail into the tunnels to try and find Till. Experience the dark touch of the taint of the warp. Musty.

S03E18: Gaius: Born in Bread

We bid a tearfull-ish farewell to Till, and say hello to our new fully-fledged party member, Gaius Anderson! Kind of. Then it’s onwards and downwards as the party decides that everything went so well last time, why not chase the demon into the tunnels! Isuzu ELF 40k away!