S03E02: Everything’s Fucked

Things escalate quickly as our heroes get toe deep into their first adventure and they’re passing out and blood and poo is everywhere.
Eisencop doesn’t pick up when they call for help, probably not for the last time, so they’re going to have to figure out for themselves what to do with the mysteriiooouuus artifact they’ve picked up, not to mention the bodies. Of course the guys leave voice messages anyway, just in case.

S03E01: Inquisitor Eisencop

Straight into a new season of SBG – Space Cops! With heroes playing a rag-tag band of Inquisitorial Space Co… ps.
Our saucy yet serious DM kicks things off with some tough role-playing decisions, mainly involving cookies, we get to meet the mysterious Inquisitor Eisenco… p. Does the gang make a good first impression? Obviously not – but tune in to find out just how bad!

S02E27: Hail Tiamat

New segments reach a critical mass this week as we have 6 Sweet Butt minutes in just two and half minutes! Now that’s efficiency. After a brief recap Spring and Salamander resume their battle with the  cult wizard. It goes about as well as you’d expect. Then the gang meets up to see if they can get out of this alive.

S02E26: This is What True Friends Do

It’s Sweet Butt News Minute! Then, we re-join our heroes in the egg cave, with Nam and Spring about to be eaten by a ferocious tentacled beast! Can the Serious Squad turn this around? A surprising development changes the game, and then matters progress rather quickly… RIP Dudley.

S02E25: I Will Study Them with My Hammer

An extended intro for your pleasure this week, including the newest old news and pop music! Pop music that the editing goblin should maybe have cut? But let’s roll that die, what are the chances of being caught for that? Then our heroes cleverly frustrate the DM by talking about statistical chances some more. New weapons are handed out and the Serious Squad tackle the dragon eggs. What are the chances???

S02E23: The Bard and the Barbarian

The Bard and the Barbarian. The Orc and the Elf. Salamander and Spring. Mr Fresh and Mr LaRue.
Putting the SBG’s number one tactic, splitting up, into action, they now face down the ferocious boss, Larry, separated from their comrades. With two defeats at Larry’s hands already, it doesn’t look good for our friends! Will Mist and Nam turn up in time? It’s all down to the roll of the die.

S02E22: Just Kill Him Already

Will David extract his revenge on our heroes for having to make them all dinner? It’s looking pretty grim for Spring Fresh, as our heroes explain at length. Later, if you’re still with us, good decision making continues its extended leave of absence as our heroes split up again! Good idea!